time series objects ts help

I have a data frame with one date column and and 3473609 data columns.
'data.frame': 11 obs. of 3473609 variables starting from x1 to x3473608
Here is the first two columns:
d x1
1 2000-03-01 3.2765
2 2002-03-01 3.2765
3 2004-03-01 3.2765
4 2006-03-01 3.2765
5 2008-03-01 3.2765
6 2010-03-01 3.2765
7 2012-03-01 3.2765
8 2014-03-01 3.2765
9 2016-03-01 3.2765
10 2018-03-01 3.2765
11 2020-03-01 3.2765
I wondering if I can get help on converting the data frame into time series objects ts

Are you saying there are 3473609 data points for each day's time series?

Thank you Phil
I meant my data is data frame or matrix with 11 rows and 3473609 columns. It's ordered by 2000 to 2020 every two years. I am required to have it as a time series objects (ts). I will be using packages such as BFAST to analyze the trend.
The problem is that I was not able to order the time series for every two years.
Hope this is clear

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