"time series must have at least two observations" runner function error message

I a facing a problem when trying to apply a function on a sliding window of my time series data.

here is my code:

runner(z, k= 500, f = function(z){
  plomb = lsp(z, plot = TRUE)

the error message is: Error in lsp(z, plot = TRUE) :
time series must have at least two observations

However, my data is a 2 observation and if a window a sliding window using loops it actually work perfectly (but obviously take no less than an hour to finish executing). here is a head of my data

  timestamp        dt
1  16.25035 16.250352
2  16.45870  0.208350
3  16.45914  0.000441
4  16.45914  0.000001
5  16.45915  0.000002
6  16.45915  0.000002

I am wondering if the problem come from the runner function and if you have a solution.

Thank you!

Note: I tried to read z with read_tsv, read.table,... no one of them worked

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