Time Series Forecasting with Specific area

Hello, This is a sample dataset where I need to do the forecast of each product with their specific area codes for the next 3 months. The original data has a range from Month 4 to Month 10.

The goal is to predict multiple time series taking into account temporal and spatial information where each price refers to a specific area identified through the level code and to a date.

Here is the attached sample dataset. Please some provide me any kind of assistance.

date product level2code pred
2021-04-04 X NG020001 364.9078403
2021-04-04 X NG020002 405.0176459
2021-04-04 X NG020003 355.6559092
2021-04-04 X NG021001 367.8924441
2021-04-04 X NG021002 339.8849381
2021-04-04 Z NG021003 404.0443164
2021-04-04 Z NG021004 322.449294
2021-04-04 Z NG020004 373.4328204
2021-04-04 Z NG020005 340.3411411
2021-04-04 Z NG021005 371.7665644
2021-04-04 W NG020006 385.0198551
2021-04-04 W NG021006 373.823132
2021-04-04 W NG020007 484.2053413
2021-04-04 W NG020008 359.3935806
2021-04-04 W NG021007 353.6156045
2021-04-04 W NG021008 378.1871792
2021-04-04 W NG021009 387.2898271
2021-04-04 W NG021010 317.7764771

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