tidyverse multiple choice questions

As I pivot the course I'm teaching to online from a lab-based code-as-we-go classroom, I've been converting some of the hands-on coding exercises we were doing in-class to {learnr} tutorials.

The GitHub repo with the tutorials is here:

I want to embed more formative assessment into the tutorials, and I'm looking for some good multiple choice questions that evaluate various tidyverse concepts. A google search turns up a rather limited selection. If anyone has any they are willing to share, I'd be most appreciative.



Hi @MonkmanMH, I tried to run your lesson .Rmd files to see what kind of questions you might be hoping for, but I could get them to run. Did you have specific topics you were thinking of?

Hi @dromano,
Thanks for the reply.
The lessons 1, 3_2, and 3_3 should work. Note that in all cases, there are data files (csv and rds) under the hood.
In terms of specific topics, the course is focussed on the data manipulation end of the tidyverse ({dplyr} and {tidyr}), and we will soon be delving into dates and strings. We also cover some {ggplot2} basics.
Since my initial post here, I have started to compile some multiple choice questions I've found elsewhere (quite a bit of base R) and turn them into one long {learnr} Rmd file.

It may need splitting as I add more.

Thanks, Martin -- I'll take a look!

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