Tidyverse for a novice

I am new to Posit.cloud. I am a novice. I can not download R, so I am using the cloud version, Posit. When I tried to start exercising my data science course, I was ordered to use Tidyverse, which is one of the R packages. When I browse the Internet for Tidyverse, it says it is an R package and requires me to download. What is it? If it is compulsory, how can I use it on the cloud with Posit cloud.

Thank you in advance for your explanation.

Welcome to Posit Cloud!

The tidyverse is a set of powerful packages for data analysis and exploration. You'll find more information here: https://www.tidyverse.org/

To use the tidyverse in Posit Cloud all you need to do is install it in one of your RStudio projects. Run the following code once from a script or the console:


Then you just need to to load it to take advantage of its useful functions.


Here is a fantastic (and free) textbook that can help you get started: https://r4ds.had.co.nz/

Thank you.
Can I use it on the cloud, without downloading it?
I am using office computer, which does not allow me to download anything.

Yes - just run install.packages as in the reply above

Because Posit Cloud is running on a server in the cloud, nothing you install in its package library will be downloaded to the office computer.

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