Tidyverse developer day

From Save the date: tidyverse developer day:
On the Saturday following rstudio::conf, we'll be holding our first ever tidyverse developer day, and you're invited! So, if you're interested, plan on being in Austin on the 19th of January. The venue is not settled yet, but the intent is to make it convenient for people who’ve chosen lodging based on the rstudio::conf location.

There will be more details to come, but the idea is to have a day where we can work together on anything ranging from submitting your first pull request, to working on your own package. The tidyverse team will be there, so we can help you hit the ground running and/or get over any stumbling blocks that you encounter. Don't have any ideas for something to work on? No problem! We'll be tagging issues in advance to make sure there's lots to do for any- and everyone, regardless of level of expertise.


  • Where will this be? Exact location is YTBD, but the plan is to be easy access from rstudio::conf.

  • Does it cost anything? No.

  • Can I participate remotely? Hopefully! We're working on figuring out logistics, and will keep you updated when we know more.

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Sounds exciting! I've been putting off starting contributing to tidyverse. No more excuses, it seems :slight_smile:


Nice idea, count me in !


This sounds fantastic!

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count me in.


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Probably can't make it to Austin then (but I have no idea what's happening post-submission a the end of the year, so who knows!), but I'd love to participate remotely :slight_smile:

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Would you need any help setting up/giving a Workshop on that day?

(Or anything else I could help with?)

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Thanks for the offer. We're still planning things, but I don't think a workshop as such is in the mix right now, per se. Once we've gotten the venue locked down, we'll be able to pin down registration (need to know a cap number), and, from there, I think you help just by showing up! :+1: (cc @hadley, feel free to chime in if I'm totally misrepresenting things here).

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Ok :slight_smile:

Feel free to ask if I could be of help with anything!

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Austin is rather far away, so give us an @ if remote stuff is happening :slight_smile:

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I really like the idea of making this totally open. This is a super thoughtful way of hosting. I'll be there!


Since the tidymodels packages are more recent than a lot of tidyverse packages, this will also be an opportunity to ask questions about specific topics (e.g. custom recipe steps) as well as discuss where future development is going and how package fit together.


Any news on the possibility of participating remotely?

Hi Chris,

First of all, just for the update, here's the latest post on the (sold out) event.

Unfortunately, we won't be able to have a remote component this year. Since this is our first time doing it, and it's coming right after the conference, we wanted to make sure we had enough (figurative) bandwidth to make things go smoothly on the ground.

We'll definitely keep it in mind for next time, though.

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Will there be a tidyverse developer day at the 2020 Rstudio::conf? If so, will it be the day after the conf like last year?

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Hey Ryan,

There will be, but I think the plan is to hold it before the conference (as was done before useR! in Toulouse). Not 100% nailed down yet, but we'll post once it is.

@ryanthomas, whoops, just kidding. It will be after due to workshops beforehand, etc.



Day after is good enough -- just need to plan flights.

Hi @mara

I missed the window for signup for the dev day in SF. Any chance more spots will become available?