TidyTuesday - Week 48 - We're exploring FIFA World Cup data!! ⚽️

The @R4DScommunity welcomes you to week 48 of #TidyTuesday!

We're exploring FIFA World Cup data!!

The data this week comes from FIFA World Cup.

As we count down to the start of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar on November 20, this new dataset covers every single World Cup match played in its history from Uruguay in 1930 to Russia in 2018.

The wcmatches dataset contains every football match played in the World Cup. Columns inside the dataset include city from which city was the match being played in, outcome which team claimed victory or did the match result in a draw, win_condition showing if the winning side need added extra time of penalties to win the game.

It also includes a summary of each World Cup held, the cups dataset contains columns winners, games, goals_scored, and more.

Learn more at this week's TidyTuesday repo.

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