TidyTuesday - Star Trek Timelines - Week 52

The @R4DScommunity welcomes you to week 52 of #TidyTuesday!

Star Trek Timelines

The data this week comes from the {rtrek} package. Thank you Georgios Karamanis for suggesting the dataset!

The rtrek package provides datasets related to the Star Trek fictional universe and functions for working with those datasets. It interfaces with the Star Trek API (STAPI), Memory Alpha and Memory Beta to retrieve data, metadata and other information relating to Star Trek.

We directly included two of the datasets from the {rtrek} package, but we encourage you to install the package and explore the trekverse of Star-Trek-related R packages!

New to TidyTuesday?

Welcome to the weekly social data project in R. All are welcome!
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Where should I share?

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