TidyTuesday - Bring Your Own Data - Week 1, 2023

The @R4DScommunity welcomes you to 2023 week 1, of #TidyTuesday!

It's week 1 of 2023, which means it's Bring Your Own Data Week!

:rewind: A previous #TidyTuesday dataset (tidytuesday/data/2022/readme.md at master · rfordatascience/tidytuesday · GitHub)
Personal metadata (TV shows watched, music listened, #RStats written, etc)
:question: Whatever else you want to use!

New to TidyTuesday?

Welcome to the weekly social data project in R. All are welcome!
TidyTuesday Guide - bit.ly/tidyreadme.
⬡ The event is organized by the R4DS Online Learning Community, join the slack community.
⬡ For the latest datasets, follow R4DS on Twitter , Mastodon, LinkedIn, or Posit Community #TidyTuesday (click the :bell: icon and choose Watching First Post).

Where should I share?

⬡ On Mastodon at #TidyTuesday.
⬡ On LinkedIn with the #TidyTuesday hashtag.
⬡ Reply in the Posit Community Post, below.
⬡ On twitter, with the hashtag #TidyTuesday

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