tidyr cheatsheet with pivot_* functions

Hi all,

now that tidyr replaced gather and spread with pivot_wider and pivot_longer, is there an updated cheatsheet that reflects this? I will teach a course in a couple of week and would like to handout the cheatsheets with pivot* included if possible. Frankly, we are planning on teaching both versions just in case.



Good catch. I don't think it is available yet. I've filed an issue on the tidyr GitHub requesting an updated cheat sheet.


Cheers @siddharthprabhu! I also thought about starting an issue on the rstudio cheatsheets repo, but I was unsure which would be the best channel for this.

I actually think the cheatsheets repo would be a better fit, since Garrett maintains that repo, and also makes the cheatsheets!

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OK. I've closed the issue on tidyr GitHub and opened a new one on the cheatsheets repo. Hope that's fine.

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Let me know when the cheat sheet is available. I am going to teach a class too soon. Didn’t know about these new two functions.

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