Tidymodels Website?

I was just wondering if the tidymodels website was created with RMarkdown? Was it created with blogdown or something similar? If so... did you guys use a template (like Hugo, etc.) or did you design it from scratch?

Thank you!

Yep, it is a blogdown/Hugo site! You can see the source that builds the site here:

How great the site turned out is owed largely to the work of @apreshill. :sparkling_heart:

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It’s a real honor to have my question answered by the one and only Julia Silge!!! Thank you so much for the super quick reply! I’m a super fan of your tidymodels videos and your blog. Actually, that’s how I got to the tidymodels website. I absolutely love all of your work, seriously you’re a legend!

Once again, thank you!


You are too kind. :relieved: I'm so glad these resources are helpful!!

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Here is the Hugo theme, if you are curious about the theme's source :slight_smile:


Alison thank you so much, this is perfect!! By the way I love your work on xaringan, blogdown, etc. and absolutely loved your latest webinar (Sharing on Short Notice: How to Get Your Materials Online With R Markdown). Super fan of the materials for Principles & Practice of Data Visualization too!! Those are just amazingly helpful and a true gem.


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