tidymodels, how to set verbosity when fitting a workflow

tidymodels, how to set verbosity when fitting a workflow

myModel<- workflow() %>%
add_model(model_spec) %>%
add_recipe(recipe_spec) %>%
fit(df_train,verbosity=0) <-does not work

does not work too:

Sorry that this is confusing.

verbosity is not an argument to fit.workflow() so that shouldn't work. Here is the help page.

To set the verbosity of the model, you can quiet the results using control_parsnip() (as you show). Since this isn't a reproducible example, we can't tell what went wrong for your data/models, but here is an example where it does work:


chatty <- 
  mlp() %>% 
  set_engine("nnet", trace = TRUE) %>% 

nn_wflow <- 
  workflow() %>%
  add_formula(price ~ type + sqft + beds + baths) %>% 

nn_fit <- fit(nn_wflow, Sacramento)
#> # weights:  36
#> initial  value 72712505768277.218750 
#> final  value 16007850421474.472656 
#> converged

model_ctrl <- control_parsnip(verbosity = 0L)
nn_fit_check <- fit(nn_wflow, Sacramento, control = control_workflow(model_ctrl))

Created on 2022-01-31 by the reprex package (v2.0.1)

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Thx... works fine, I guess.

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