Tidy Examples of Bradley-Terry models?

Does anybody have any tidy examples using the BradleyTerry2 package? It seems like most of the code I find is a bit difficult to read and understand.

I don't know that it's 100% a "tidy example" of BradleyTerry, but there's a tutorial from this year's UseR conference by Stephanie Kovalchik that works through some examples using BradleyTerry2 for paired comparison:

(example slide :arrow_down: note: BTL stands for Bradley-Terry-Luce)

The slides are in Rmd, so I just cloned the repo so I could open the html files locally.

The tutorial also has video (see below), I tried to make it so it'll go to the right section, but if not, it's ~ 1:03


broom at least does not support BradleyTerry models at the moment, but if you open an issue at https://github.com/tidymodels/broom/issues we can try to get around to it.

Writing new tidying methods for unfamiliar models can be fairly hard, but if you include some details about what kinds of information you want to extract from the model, or include a quick first draft of some code, it'll get written much faster.


Awesome resource -- thanks, @mara!

And thanks for the response, @alexpghayes. Maybe I wasn't super clear, but I meant more using tidy principles priot to/during the modelling stage, not really after the modelling stage. So, broom isn't really applicable to what I'm asking about. Thanks though.

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