Tibbles not displaying properly in the console

I am experiencing a problem with how my tibbles are displaying in the console. When i start RStudio (and load(?) the tidyverse) my tibble doesnt display properly in the console (my data is called 'dat' - i am simply typing dat into the console and hitting enter) . The headers overlap - as shown in the image below:

For some reason, this seems to resolve its self after i have run a few commands (usually repeatedly trying to see my data by typing 'dat' or head(dat) - which, by the way also displays incorectly) or if i alter the size of the console window by dragging the pane size with the mouse, the tibble then displays correctly - as in second image (sorry - as a new user i cant present a second image - but this image was just a standard or normal tibble summary display):

This is more of an annoyance than anything, but can anyone help me stop this happening all together?

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