Threshold cuts in ggraph

I've used thresholds cuts before in statnet, and I want to know if it's possible to use them in ggraph. I've tried a fairly extensive search online and come up with nothing. Example code is below.

Example statnet code:

thr = 4
gplot(x.mat, gmode = "graph", thresh = thr)

ggraph and igraph code:

us.print.words.ig <- graph_from_data_frame(us_print_word_pairs, directed = FALSE) <- betweenness(us.print.words.ig)
V(us.print.words.ig)$size <- 0.02*
us.print.words.ig %>%
  ggraph(layout = "fr") +
  geom_edge_link(color = "grey") +
  geom_node_point(size =*0.03, color = "pink") +
  geom_node_text(aes(label = name), repel = TRUE, vjust = 1, hjust = 0.5) +
  ggtitle("Word Network from Print Native American Media") + 

Apologies if this isn't 100% reproducible, as this isn't so much an error as wanting to know if something is possible. Thanks!

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