Thousands separator in ggplot2 graphic

Hello. I'm able to add thousands separators in "y" axis but I can't do it in the content area:

This is the code that I use for "y" axis:

scale_y_continuous(labels=function(x) format(x, big.mark = ".", decimal.mark = ",", scientific = FALSE)

Anything similar to plot the thousand separator in the content area? Thanks in advance.

This works for me:

DF <- data.frame(X = 1:4, Y = 65001:65004)
ggplot(DF, aes(X, Y, label = format(Y, big.mark = ".", decimal.mark = ","))) + 
  geom_line() + geom_text()

Not working here :thinking:

Numbers are yet on 63444 format not 63.444. Thanks FJCC, still working on it.

If you run the code I posted with no changes, it does not work?

Yes it works. I'm researching the reason why it doesn't work in my code... Thanks again.

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