Thoughts and tips on organizing models for a machine learning project

Hi! awesome to find this thread as this specific need/concern keeps on top of my mind, and still to know a productive solution for this...
And I've been researching a lot :slight_smile: , so would be very fond of working on this concepts &thread.

Not specifically for production tracking models, but on dev/prototype phase, how to proper save/track/compare/evaluate different results in the ml project, for each possible path on the dag, tend to see ml projects as a groups of dags (pipeline, params, algorithms, hyperparams)?

Why are teams wasting so much cpu training things that get "lost"? never properly compared/evaluated? never shared with the team?

When anyone reaches a model result, kind of be able to just do track(model,any_additional_metadata_I_may_add) to team shared storage (for me, it has to be that dead simple... see openml publish), it would be able to track final result from the dag path, adding each node params/parent node params, something like that. So everything can be comparable. And reload/compare whenever needed.

small experiment just to illustrate:

(not persisting any to filesystem though, now I would like something to track the dag result nodes, typically ,this served just to ask on twitter if there are similar packages already, Steph Locke shared recipes with me, which is amazing note: python has GitHub - scikit-learn-contrib/sklearn-pandas: Pandas integration with sklearn)

Also why can't we jointly compare R/python models? At least results/prediction wise should be possible, openml/mlr actually has very good concepts here (namely concept of agnostic machine learning task, as the root node in the dag). Only thing we would need a kind of private/team openml server, ex: one for project? More favor filesystem based storage (no server), ex: csv for metadata, predictions, datasets, resample fold info, binary only for actual models. So mostly everything could be reused R/python/others. (ex: just start a docker image on the results folder to get an model UI eval tool, like openml)

Ideas? Does this already exist? Thanks for the brainstorm!
ps-some references