"This application currently has no logs."

I'm experiencing an issue apparently identical to the one referenced here:

It appears there wasn't enough activity on that topic to keep it active, so hopefully I have better luck here. I have a total of five applications on shinyapps.io, most of which are private. Four have existed for some time (many months), and one was created just a few weeks ago. The one that was just created is the only one that currently has a log in the shinyapps.io dashboard. The other four all state "This application currently has no logs."

I discovered this when I was trying to refresh one of the applications with some updated code, but was unable to use the logs to troubleshoot why my changes caused a disconnect from the server. In other words, I know that there should be a log because I've interfaced with the application very recently.

Any suggestions?

I would just like to note that I'm experiencing the same issue as above. Whereas, in a previous working App, I would receive logs, I now longer do. This has made building a new one very challenging.

There was an issue with logs from 4/17 through 4/20. If you restart your application logs should again be available. We apologize for the inconvenience and are looking to understand the root cause of the problem.

Thanks @josh, much appreciated!

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