Things about RStudio that drive you crazy!

I love RStudio in general, but there are a couple of things that drive me crazy. I thought I'd open a thread for people to share their pet peeves (and maybe someone else will come along and explain why you've been doing it wrong all these years). Actually mine are all related to accidental keyboard shortcuts, and so I can disable these in the Tools menu...

  1. Code folding - Alt+0 (when I meant to type Alt--). Suddenly all my code vanishes into little purple rectangles and I have to scratch around to figure out how to restore it (it's on the Edit menu, not the Code menu or View menu!).

  2. Pane zoom - Ctrl-Shift-[1-9]. Suddenly one pane explodes to fill the screen and everything else disappears.

  3. Zoom - Ctrl-- (when I meant to type Alt--). Suddenly everything is tiny.


The only thing, from what I have known-experienced, is the option to load a package with the mouse by clicking on the box next to the package name in the packages frame. I have seen it happening in the wild once, (and even in a video tutorial time ago). When I saw it happening I almost got possessed by Jenny Brian and was close to burn my friend's laptop. I don't like much the option to load datasets from the import datasets display, but certainly, I would prefer this way of loading data than

Data <- read.csv('super-Ofuscated/and%/WeiRd/path/data-crazy09-1223-78.222.csv')

The first case breaks reproducibility (and waste time of some else that may use or fix the script, figuring out what package is missing), the second not.


I actually use these shortcuts a lot for their intended purpose :slight_smile:. If you press the same combination again, it'll go back to how it was. So, say you've pressed Ctrl-Shift-1 and your source pane is all big and stuff. Then you press Ctrl-Shift-1 again and it will back to the size it was before that.


@mishabalyasin usually I don't know what button combination I've accidentally pressed, so I can't press it again.

Ah, I've done it many times! In that case you can press any window combination twice (e.g., Ctrl-Shift-1 twice). It should take you back to how it was before. There are some edge-cases that make it not work correctly, but most of the time it works fine.

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I use RStudio IDE with three panes:

  • on the right top: environment, files, git etc.
  • on the right bottom: the console
  • on the left side (extended): the editor

However, I cannot totally remove the fourth, left bottom, pane (generally it's the 'Viewer' pane). That fourth pane pops up when you plot something, or close all files in the editor, re-initialize the RStudio etc. That's a bit annoying.

Actually, there's an issue reported about this some time ago:


I use the pane zoom all the time; if you took it away I would be sad :frowning:


I would say the most frustrating aspect for me is the somewhat arbitrary division of the data types in the environment pane, such that you cannot click to view some things. I end up typing View() all the time!

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If we are talking about wish lists for RStudio I'd truly love an .RStudioprofile file to set programmatically options for the IDE.


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