"There is nothing to see here" message

A number of my students are using RStudio cloud, and a few of them have recently reported logging in and being unable to find their projects. Instead they receive a blank screen with the message " Welcome ..., You are currently logged in. There is nothing to see here. Click here to logout".

Is this related to the heavy user load issue, some other known issue, or perhaps my students did something to their project that led to this error. Any info much appreciated.

Keep up the great work with RStudio Cloud!

This is what you see if you go directly to login.rstudio.cloud instead of just rstudio.cloud. There should never be a need to go directly to the login host, one should always go directly to rstudio.cloud.

More details: the former is an OAuth2 server that expects to be given a redirect URL to return to after successfully authenticating, and what the students are experiencing is what happens when one directly goes there and there is no redirect URL. This server is used for both rstudio.cloud and shinyapps.io, hence the need for a redirect URL. We are discussing what might be done to eliminate this confusion.

Thanks so much, I'll let my students know!