Theme for R Studio

I am wondering if there is a theme in RStudio that support highlighting of numbers in the console, much like how it appears here on the RStudio community?

Is there a theme that highlights numbers in the console? 
123456 really stands out when highlighted

Thanks for any recommendations!

Hey Bobby, almost all of the standard themes included in RStudio show highlighting of numbers (looking at it, it seems that Crimson Editor is the only one that doesn´t). To turn the highlighting of numbers on for the console you can go to Tools > Global Options > Code > Display

there you can check the box for "Show syntax highlighting in console input"

This is what my console looks like with my preferred theme, Tomorrow Night Bright

Hi Hlynur,

Thanks. I tried those. Is there a theme that has white background (like the default Textmate) and highlights only numbers?

From what I can see, all the themes that come with RStudio by default don't distinguish numbers from text.

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