Theme colors do not render properly (Mac)

There seems to be a bug where some theme colors are not being applied, showing up as white instead of being colored properly. Specifically, coloring for function names and commas does not work. I'm experiencing this on a new Macbook Air (Mac OS 11.1); could this have to do something with how RStudio interacts with the new Apple silicon chip?

Here is what it should look like (using the built-in theme 'Chaos' on a Windows 10 machine):

Here is what it looks like (same theme) on my Mac, RStudio version 1.4.1103:

If anyone has a workaround or a fix, I'd be grateful! I recently spent a day working up a custom theme and I'd love to be able to have the colors show up as intended when I'm working from my Mac. :slight_smile:

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