The use of json in R

Hi all,

In the below link, they mentioned about converting json to dataframe. My question, we can directly create a dataframe. Really i am not understanding the use of json here. Please guide me

Here's a helpful vignette, 'Getting started with JSON and jsonlite'.

Thanks for the time. I did see this. It says,

"Its main strength is that it implements a bidirectional mapping between JSON data and the most important R data types. Thereby we can convert between R objects and JSON without loss of type or information, and without the need for any manual data munging. This is ideal for interacting with web APIs, or to build pipelines where data structures seamlessly flow in and out of R using JSON."

But for me it is too technical to understand. is it possible for you (many thanks) to state an example on why Json is useful:) ?

Simple answer, to communicate with other systems, for example most APIs accept and return data in JSON format.

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Got it. Thanks a lot

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