The timeline for releasing RStudio IDE compatible with Ubuntu 24.04LTS

Hello Everyone,

This is perhaps slightly premature, but is there a timetline (or somewhere I can go to see a timeline) for the release of an RStudio version compatible with Ubuntu 24.04LTS?

I just tried (on the off chance) the one for 22.04 but although it installs, it crashes.

Many thanks.

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This isn't an official answer, but the earliest I would expect full support for it would be the next RStudio release, likely sometime mid-summer.

We are currently blocked by Electron not supporting Ubuntu 24. There are some workarounds you can try in the meantime (mentioned in the following issues).

RStudio Issue: RStudio fails to run on Ubuntu 24.04 · Issue #14336 · rstudio/rstudio · GitHub
Electron issue: [Bug]: All versions of Electron (chromium upstream bug) fail to open on Ubuntu 24.04+ due to kernel.apparmor_restrict_unprivileged_userns=1 by default · Issue #41066 · electron/electron · GitHub