The sigma symbol is missing in quote(sum(x[i]^2, i == 1, n))

II tried this example in "R for Data Science": Chapter 22 (Chapter 22 - Graphics for communication):

df <- tibble(
x = runif(10),
y = runif(10)
ggplot(df, aes(x, y)) +
geom_point() +
x = quote(sum(x[i]^2, i == 1, n)),
y = quote(alpha + beta + frac(delta, theta))

On the output, the sigma (summation) symbol is missing and replaced with a rectangle in the x-axis. What is the problem? I am using RStudio of 2013.03.0 build and R of version 4.2.2. I remembered it worked fine with an older version of R some months ago.

Thanks in anticipation.

I found that I had this issue also ...
I spent some time messing with fonts via extrafonts package , installing them etc; but not sure it is relevant to the core issue.
Ultimately I found that the Sigma didnt render correctly when Rstudio used the default or windows graphics device. Going to Rstudio Tools > Global Options > General > Graphics and setting the device either to Cairo or AGG worked for me.
Note that ; For those options to be available you would need to install the Cairo or ragg packages

Thanks for your reply. Could it be a bug in the newer version of RStudio or R. I didn't have this problem when I first ran the example a few months ago. The Sigma render correctly.

[quote="nirgrahamuk, post:2, topic:163426"]
In Rstudio, selecting the Tools > Global Options > General > Graphics, and change the device from default to Cairo works for me too.

I suspect the new version of RStudio. It is rendering okay in Ubuntu 22.04, R 4.2.3 & RStudio 2022.07.2+576 "Spotted Wakerobin"

I read that base::grDevices provides Cairo-based graphic functions. Why can't quote() uses them automatically in rendering Sigma symbol? Excuse my naivety here.

In RStudio, setting the backend to AGG from default in Tools > Global Options > General > Graphics also works for me. As I read further, {ggplot2} depends on {ragg} for rendering graphics, and will install {ragg} automatically as a dependency. So both Cairo and AGG are available in the system. By right there should be no problem in displaying Sigma....

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