The shiny database connection for concurrent access

I know I can read and write data to a database using R and Shiny, and I know that Shiny is the enterprise software to deploy applications as a web page where the application can be accessed by multiple users concurrently (commercial shiny) or one user after another (free shiny). The question is the following: If the application needs to connect and read or write to a data base table, how can the concurrency control handled. Is there any code that needs to be written so that users do not interfere with each other and overwrite each other or does the shiny
software takes care of that? Could you please explain?


This is not accurate, you can have as many concurrent users on the open source version as your system resources could support but they all share the same R session.

This is handled by the database engine not by shiny or even R, so usually this is not something you should worry about.


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