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Quick question on the resume format provided by the pagedown Github repo (here is the link). Is there a way to remove the location sign in some selected sections? As not everything needs a location on the resume. If I don't provide location name, the location sign still appears, making it obsolete. Thanks!

I believe this is explained in the doc

The description, location, and time period can each be N/A if the relevant information is not available.

So you should just set N/A where no location.

There was also a question asked about that in Github

Thank you. Maybe I should search the answer more carefully before posting it here next time.

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No problem to ask. but indeed it is often best to at least search through the doc and past issues / posts just in case. But sometimes Google Search is not finding things - and especially this pagedown doc :sweat_smile:

Exactly. Thanks again for shedding some light in this regard.

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