The NFL Analytics Say "Go For It!"

Author : Kyle Cuilla - Twitter @kc_analytics - LinkedIn - GitHub kcuilla (Kyle Cuilla) - Website
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Interactive table displaying the how often NFL teams go for it (meaning they do not kick a field goal or punt the ball) on 4th & 2-or-less in game-neutral situations (nflfastR win probability between 20% and 80%).

Through week 8 of the 2020 NFL season, teams are going for it on 4th and short more often than not. In the early years of the 2010 decade, teams would only go for it between 22-30% of the time.

The increase in the percentage of go-for-it plays on 4th down is largely due to the increased prevalence of analytics used in coaching decisions over the past few years.

The interactive table was made using the reactable package and the data is sourced from the nflfastR package.