The newest rstudio-server bionic package is not available

Hello team,

we have a weekly pipeline to build our new service image, and realized that starting this week the newest rstudio-server pro package is not available for Bionic anymore.

Current version tag we are getting:
{s3bucket}/rstudio-server/current.ver -> 2023.06.0+421.pro1 as of today

Package path that we are trying to pull: -> 404

Package path that we pulled from the previous version last week: -> 200

I have seen that now you have only Ubuntu20(focal) and 22(Jammy) in the latest rstudio-server download link, but I cannot find any information about bionic(18) support.
Is bionic support officially discontinued? We can pin the rstudio-server debian package for our usecase for now, but I would like to see the communication/announcement regarding the bionic distro supports/lifetime.


Hi! Our supported platforms and policies around end of life can be found here: Platform Support - Posit

Bionic reached its end of life at the end of May, so the June release of Workbench does not include support for it.

Got it.
Thanks for the quick answer and the link!
Just to clarify, Bionic has not reached "End of Life" , but it is now "end of standard support", which means that Bionic will still have ESM till 2028.

So regarding that point, I would like to ask one more question, if rstudio-server is completely dropping new bionic releases, or there will be some periodic patch releases going forwards?
This is more for our operational point, so we can decide to pin the rstudio-server on bionic forever, or we have to check the new potential patch releases time to time.


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