The mutate function seems to have a possible bug while processing Time data

t <- readxl::read_excel("G:\\Rspace\\output\\output_2019_modified.xlsx") %>%
  mutate(datej = as.numeric(as.POSIXct(as.Date(datej, format = "%Y/%m/%d"))))
t <- as.matrix(t)

I double-checked the data and didn't find any missing values, but they appear after the function applyed
I can upload the column data excel for reproducing error scenarios.

Please upload the data returned by read_excel in the row range that is in the image you posted. Lets say you want to get rows 50 - 65. You can do

tmp <- readxl::read_excel("G:\\Rspace\\output\\output_2019_modified.xlsx") %>% 
   slice(50:65) %>% select(datej)

Then run dput(tmp) and post the ouput of that.

Thanks for your help, it turned out that zhe data excel Target column provided was stored in muddled format which mixed "str"& "txt"

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