The knit button disapeared


I published a small RMarkdown document and when i try to insert some shiny interactivity to it,
I lost the knitting option, and now i cannot publish (or republish) my markdown docment anylonger, It only appears in a shiny way.

This is now what I have.

So when I want to update my RMD, I get this:

Just to add some details,
This is my not up-to-date RMD version:

This is my Ok shiny version:

In my shiny version however the formula images (not LaTeX) dont work. Regardless I would like to have my knitting options again :slightly_smiling_face:

Any help would be highly appreciated

RPubs supports static content only, you can't publish interactive documents.

I guess you need to keep separate interactive and static versions of your work.

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