the graphic visualization, R studio on Mac and windows

I used R studio, both in Windows and Mac. for the graphic visualization, R studio on Mac is better than windows.

in windows, the graphics such as line, are not really smooth. how can I fix it in windows?

Thank you

Most methods for saving figures offers a resolution argument. Here's a discussion on higher resolution with simple R plots. You can use the same method to save higher resolution ggplots too.

I used to have to include visualizations from R in LaTeX documents back in grad-school and ran into this problem. My general solution was to save everything as a pdf, which preserved details like a vector image (in fact, I think images saved as PDF in R are vector images... though I might technically be wrong on that point).

I make a lot of PDF reports with R Markdown now, and the dpi variable is nice to control the resolution of your images.

If you are working with png files on Windows then you could try cairo:
ggsave(..., type = "cairo-png")

Thank you very much, for your advice and suggestion.
When I run an R studio on windows, the graphics visualization are not smooth,
I don't know it is because of the system or something