The graph not showing up in the 'plots' pane in RStudio

My Rstudio got a problem like in the picture. The graph does not show in the Plot Pane.
Please help me to fix it.
Version: Rstudio 1.0.136
Thank you

Usually, simply closing that window that says R Graphics Device 2 (Active) is enough to have any further plots appear in the plot pane. Have you tried that?

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I have tried but it still appear when I run code again.

Usually closing that window, or resarting R or RStudio session works, as FJCC said. Since that's not the case with you, I'm going to give 3 suggestions, but please note that these are just guesses on my part.

  1. Update your RStudio. The current version is 1.2.1335, and your version 1.0.136 is very old.
  2. Run a few times, and then try to plot again.
  3. Run options(device = "RStudioGD"), and try to plot again.

Thank you so much, I upgraded to version 1.1.463 because my computer only supports 32bits, and the error has been fixed already.

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