The function I created isnt giving an output after I have scrapped the pdf from the web

Hi community,

I have been trying to scrape links and published date from a pdf in a website using rvest but the functions I wrote keeps returning itself without giving out result. I want my functions to run without returning just the functions to me

# Load Packages ------


# Data Wrangling

tidyverse, lubridate, magrittr,

# Web scraping

rvest, xopen,

# Text data mining

readtext, tidytext,
quanteda, textclean

search_pages <- c("[ ](", "[ ](") %>% tibble(page = .) %>%

# Create a function to grab the links

get_links <- function(page){

# page <- search_pages %>% pull(page) %>% .[1] %>% read_html()

page <- search_pages %>% read_html()

# Create a table of extracted data

page_tbl <- tibble(

# Get Title

  title = page %>% 
    html_nodes('.dbasetable a') %>% 
    html_text2() %>% 
      "(CBN )|(Economic Report)|(for )|(the )|(Published\\s\\d+/\\d+/\\d+)|(of)") %>% 
  # Get Published Date
  date = page %>% 
    html_nodes('#publishedDt') %>% #
    html_text2() %>% 
    str_squish() %>% 
    str_replace("Published ", "") %>% 
    str_extract("\\d+/\\d+/\\d+") %>% 
    mdy() %>% 
    format(., format = "%Y%m%d"),
  # Get the download links
  links = page %>%
    html_nodes('.dbasetable a') %>%
    html_attr("href") %>% 
    str_replace("^(\\.\\.)", "") %>% 
    str_c("", .)


Thank you

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