The Error in Rstudio -Error in `vec_as_location()`

I meet an error about vec_as_location() when estimating Network Stability, and when I Run rlang::last_error() to see where the error occurred, it prompts me "Error in make_ansi_style(x[["color"]]) : Unknown style specification: br_magenta". But the code worked when I used another computer.
mynetwork <- estimateNetwork(mydata, default="EBICglasso",
corMethod = "spearman")
plot(mynetwork, layout = "spring", vsize=10, border.color="black", nodeNames=mynames, color="lightblue", legend=F)

b1 <- bootnet(mynetwork, boots=1000,nCores=4, statistics=c("strength", "expectedInfluence","edge"))
I don't know how to solve them. Thank you for your help!!

Check that the packageVersions of the two computers match for your key libraries; because of the error which is from 'vctrs' thats one to check. In general using a tool like 'renv' is good for managing a projects package dependencies

OK, I will try it. Thanks a lot.

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