The directory does not not exist

Title is not a typo.

I have created an RMarkdown file and am only trying to render it.

> rmarkdown::render(input = "../models/SUPPLIER_NAME/SUPPLIER_NAME_20190820.Rmd", output_format = "html_document", output_file = "../models/SUPPLIER_NAME/SUPPLIER_NAME_20190820.html")
# Error: The directory '../models/SUPPLIER_NAME') does not not exist.
> file.exists("../models/SUPPLIER_NAME")
# [1] TRUE

Notice the error message is correct, it does "not not" exist. I am speechless.

Are you on a Unix system? Or on Windows?

Can you please also check using dir.exists?

Apparently, if the directory does not exist, then this is the expected error message (may be a typo?) as far as I can tell from the following lines:

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