The application in continues to run after closing the browser window.

Dear Community,

I have published one of my first apps on However, I noticed that when I close the browser window and check the app dashboard in, it appears that it continues running and takes a while to close.

I have tried a solution that I have read in some post, specifically, to add to the server function:

  session$onSessionEnded(function() {

however, this doesn't work and the app still appears as running in the shinyappsio dashboard.

Has anyone faced the same problem and knew how to fix it? That is, to stop the app from running once the user closes the browser tab.

Thanks in advance,

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I experienced the same issue which is making the free-tier unuseful. It basically doesn't do what it promises.


The applications in have a 15 minute idle timeout after all connections to the app have disconnected. Please see the Application life cycle documentation for more information.