The application failed to start. exit status 1 - App fails at loading .rda file

I have a shiny app that works fine when run locally. The app predicts a value using the user inputs and a linear model. The linear model was estimated beforehand- i.e., the app does not estimate the linear model it only predicts.

Here a reproducible example

#load data

#Estimate linear model
lm_t<-lm(hp~as.factor(cyl),data = mtcars)

#Save lm object as .rda
save(lm_t, file="mod.rda")

Use saved model in shiny app

# Global

# Load preestimated linear model

# Define UI ----
ui <- fluidPage(


 # User input - number of months
selectInput("cyl",h4("Número de meses desde el lanzamiento del proyecto"), choices = c(4,6,8))



      #Display user input value

      #Display user prediction  
# Define server logic ----
server <- function(input, output) {

  # Data frame for storing input values
    dfp<-data.frame("Periodo" = input$cyl)

  # Display input values
  output$TBL1 <- renderTable({dfs()})

# Predict using linear model  
  round(predict(lm_t,newdata = dfs()),3)

  # Display prediction
  output$pred<-renderText({paste("Se espera un incremento en el precio de:",pr(),"%")})

# Run the application 
shinyApp(ui = ui, server = server)

The problem is that once deployed in the app doesn't work. Error message: “The application failed to start. exit status 1”.

Looking into the logs it appears the problem is that the shiny can't find the mod.rda. I am 100% sure that I uploaded the mod.rda file when I deployed the app.

Any help in making the app work will be much appreciated.