textOutput vertically

I am trying to output the results returned by the server function vertically. What I do does not work. Could you please tell me how to do it? The field names are in pipeLineNames and the values are in pipeLineValues. This is what I would like:

        OpenMS             Glazer       groupGlycans peptideGlycanMerge 
          TRUE               TRUE               TRUE               TRUE 
      condition = "output.pipe",
      helpText("YOUR PIPELINE"),
      tags$style(type="text/css", "#pipeText {white-space: pre-wrap;}")
output$pipe <- reactive({
      result <- glycoPipe(inFileName)
      pipeLineNames <- result$pnames
      pipeLineValues <- result$tmp
      output$pipeText <- renderText({
        paste(pipeLineNames, pipeLineValues)
      return(paste0(pipeLineNames, pipeLineValues))
    outputOptions(output, "pipe", suspendWhenHidden = FALSE)

I would probably display it as a DT table rather than rendering as text.


Thanks. I will try that.