textInput inside observeEvent

I have a code which dynamically updates plots & UI rendering based on user selection (monitored using observeEvent).
Challenge I am facing is that within the renderUI that is inside observeEvent, I have textInput.
I need to read-back the user entry in the textInput to update the plot that is already rendered.

Appreciate any suggestions.

I'm finding it difficult to interpret what you wrote as a question. Perhaps you can expand?

Hi Nir,
I have (1)renderPlot, (2)renderText, & (3)renderUI (with textInput) inside observeEvent to dynamically update/add the plots & texts based on user selection in selectInput (from the sidebarPanel).

what I am trying to figure out now is to correctly monitor & read back the user input from the textInput (from 3). I will then need to use the user input to update the plots rendered from (1).

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