Text input lags in RStudio (Windows 10)

Hello! Since installing Windows 10, RStudio lags when I do pretty much anything. When I input text either in the console or the editor, the text only shows up after a second or two. Selecting text is also very slow. This makes RStudio nearly unusable.

I've tried a variety of things that were suggested here on the forum, StackOverflow, etc. but none of them have worked:

  • Updating RStudio
  • Set rendering engine to Desktop OpenGL in Global Options
  • Global Options > Appearance > Zoom was already set to 100%
  • Disabled code diagnostics
  • Disabled git
  • Disabled code auto-complete
  • Added rstudio.exe, rsession.exe etc. to exceptions in Windows Defender

My R version is currently 4.1.2 "Bird Hippie", and RStudio is 2021.09.1 Build 372

Here's the output of the request log:

And here's some of the request log export

Update: This seems to be some kind of scaling issue. The problem disappears when I make the window smaller. I tried overriding DPI scaling but that doesn't help

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