Text in the button to Show/hide code

The output of the code that I include at the end, taken from the 1st section of

is shown in that page with buttons to hide/show the code that are labeled "code".
When I knit to html the same code myself, the button at the top right of the chunk is labeled "Show", which I am finding that is inconvenient for other people reading my work: they are just unaware that the code is actually there.
How could I get the text of the buttons to be "Code" as in the example (or even better "Show Code")?
Output reproduced in the web page

My output


title: "Code Collapse Demonstration"
    code_folding: hide

#| include = FALSE

There is a negative correlation between horsepower and miles per gallon.

mtcars %>% 
  ggplot(aes(x = hp, y = mpg)) +