Text classification neural network without using tensorflow


I tried to do a neural net for text classification and followed the steps here: Redirect

However, I have problems getting the connection to tensorflow for a week now and nobody is able to help me in my problem..

I saw that there is some package in r nnet which is apparently meant to also implement a neural network, however, I haven't found an example in text classification. Does anybody of you know how to put what I did before without having to do the whole connection with anaconda on windows?

Otherwise, I also saw the mxnet package however it says that it is not available for my version of R which is 4.0.3.. do you know what the problem is?

Thank you a lot!

I don't know what you mean, if you want help from the forum, you should provide details.
When you go through the steps Quick start (rstudio.com)
what hurdle do you face, specifically ?

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