testthat system setup problem

I've created my first unit test! I can interactively run test_that() that contains a series of expect_equal() calls.

But when I try to use devtools::test() (or Cntrl-Shift-T) I get the messages and error below.

i Loading Educational_Attainment_Model
i Testing Educational_Attainment_Model
√ | F W S OK | Context
x | 1 0 | duplicate_rows

Error in cli::style_hyperlink(paste0(basename(filename), ":", x$srcref[1], :
unused argument (params = c(line = x$srcref[1], col = x$srcref[2]))

I suspect this could be a by product of my working on a cloud computer, but that is me guessing.
[1] "//c3storage.xxx.gov/UserFolders/nabeel/Documents"

You need to update the cli package. Or testthat.

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