Testing new renv profile

I want to prepare a project to use the newer R 4.3 version from the previous R 4.2. This project uses renv to manage dependencies (and {targets}).

I would like to install the new dependencies before moving the default renv profile to the newer R version as default (and check if targets needs to be updated). What would be the best way to do this?

I've read in the profile vignette that via renv::activate the new environment is set as default. Is there a way to create the new profile without setting it as default? How can one choose between profiles?
Ideally I would like to tell renv to pick one profile or another based on the R version used (or some other condition). I guess I could load the .Rprofile with a specific section to set Sys.setenv(RENV_PROFILE = "dev") according to the R version and later load the renv specific line source("renv/activate.R") or is there any other mechanism?

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