Test a Keras model using new data

Hello everyone. First of all sorry I am a beginner and I guess you are tired of beginners asking questions.
I have created a model using the tutorial for Linear regression with multiple inputs from TensorFlow for R - Basic Regression

For the creation of the model I have used a dataset in Excell.

After loading the model I don't know how I can apply it to a new dataset that has never been used for training etc. That new dataset is in Excell as well.
Is there a simple link?
Thank you very much. I am a bit desperate after reading a lot on the internet.

If there is nothing special about TensorFlow in your question, then does the following work? Here train and test are assumed to have already been read in and have the same independent variables.

model <- lm(y ~ x, data=train)
predict(model, newdata = test)

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