Terminal instant-crash when set as WSL (Windows subsystem for linux)

I just updated my installation of WSL (windows subsystem for linux) from the old version installed via powershell, to the new version through the windows store (Ubuntu). Now, when I attempt to open a terminal in R Studio, it very quickly flashes the text:

Windows Subsystem for Linux Distributions:
Ubuntu (Default)

Before going blank. This is the output of running wsl --list in cmd or powershell. There is no other error.

I am able to run commands with WSL fine with things like system("wsl --list"), and my actual terminal works fine when starting Ubuntu.

I have deleted and re-installed R studio, deleted everything in appdata, checked every log I can find, and have had no luck figuring out what is going on. Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Using git bash as terminal works fine
  • Using command prompt works fine
  • Using power shell works fine
  • Using either command prompt or powershell to launch wsl works fine

I feel like I need to know how R studio is trying to start wsl. I dug through the github repo to no avail.


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