Terminal has stopped working, only displaying the directory of the project

I am using RStudio 2022.07.2. Yesterday, it stopped displaying the project on the Terminal. The history is still there and the Console functions as normal but all I get on the Terminal is the location of the project, which is repeated every time 'enter' is pushed.

The problem seems to have started when I attempted to open a project I had not used for several months and had been created in 1.2.5042. After that, I got the same problem with all projects, including the one I had been working on, without a problem, earlier in the day.

I have tried closing the Terminal and then exiting and then restarting RStudio; and removing and reinstalling RStudio but neither of these have worked.

Terminal Diagnostics gives the following:
Global Terminal Information

Loaded TerminalSessions: 1
Handle: 'E9B67BAA' Caption: 'Terminal 1'

Terminal List Count: 2
Handle: 'E9B67BAA' Caption: 'Terminal 1' Session Created: true
Handle: '95FEE02F' Caption: 'Terminal 2' Session Created: false

Global Terminal Information

Caption: 'Terminal 1'
Title: ''
Cols x Rows '63 x 38'
Shell: 'Command Prompt'
Handle: 'E9B67BAA'
Sequence: '1'
Restarted: 'true
Exit Code: 'null'
Full screen: 'client=false/server=false'
Zombie: 'false'
Track Env 'false'
Local-echo: 'false'
Working Dir: 'Default'
Interactive: 'Always'
WebSockets: 'true'

System Information------------------
Desktop: 'true'
Remote: 'false'
Platform: 'Windows'

Connection Information

2022/10/19 10:31:35: Connect WebSocket: 'ws://'
2022/10/19 10:31:35: WebSocket connected

Local-echo Match Failures

Any ideas on how to solve this would be appreciated. Thanks

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