Temporary Server error, please try again

Hi, I have just installed R (3.6.0) and RStudio Server (1.4.1103) on RedHat 7. While I am able to start/stop the server & see its status, when I try opening the IDE in browser (through Putty tunnel) I can see the login page, but when I enter my credentials it throws an error saying "Temporary server error, please try again".

Here is a sessionInfo snapshot:

Any idea what might be causing this?

Thanks in advance!

P.S. - There is a similar closed thread I found but no solution (Error: Temporary server error, please try again)

The most likely cause of this problem is the PAM profile you're using for RStudio. When you install RStudio it creates a default one, but on some systems the default profile doesn't support basic password auth. You might try copying a PAM profile that does work (maybe from sshd) over RStudio's PAM profile.

More in the admin guide -- presumably you're using open source but most of the PAM sections are applicable except for PAM sessions.

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