Template or Addin for new posts in Quarto blog?

After feeling not so comfortable with blogdown/Hugo I tried Quarto blog and felt like at home! The one thing I am currently missing: Is there a simple way to create a new post with a populated YAML header? Something similar to the blogdown "New Post" RStudio plugin? It is a bit tedious to copy the structure of my YAML header into every new post.

I tried to put my YAML fields into _metadata.yml at the highest level of the "posts" folder. After rendering, I can see that this works, but I cannot see and edit these YAML fields during writing the individual blog post. Rather to provide empty strings or dummy text, that cannot edit inside the post, I am looking for a template with variables.

I also looked into Quarto Variables, Quarto Article Templates and Quarto Starter Template. But I think they don't provide a solution to my problem.

I am almost certain that there is a simple solution, but I couldn't find it.

This is a current open feature request

but it seems community came with projects already (from @tom_rstudio answer)

A few functions/packages have been created by community:

But a current limitation is that all are R focused rather than general quarto CLI tooling.

Maybe one of these tools will help

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Thank you so much! I am a little ashamed that I couldn't find those resources, although I searched intensely.

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